ROBUST DSC aims to develop materials and manufacturing procedures for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSC) with long lifetime and increased module efficiencies (7% target). The project intends to accelerate the exploitation of the DSC technology in the energy supply market.
The approach focuses on the development of large area, robust, 7% efficient DSC modules using scalable, reproducible and commercially viable fabrication procedures. In parallel with this objective, more fundamental research, employing new materials and device configurations, will target increasing the efficiency of labscale devices to 14 %. Progress on labscale devices will be fed directly into module development. The approach is based on the use of innovative low-cost materials, scalable manufacturing techniques, predictive device models and in-and outdoor lifetime testing. A sound and scientific understanding of the basic procedures to manufacture the cells and a thorough knowledge of the fundamental processes in the cell are important tools for our success.